DPU Flood Damage Estimates Top $2.6 Million

Debris at dam spillway. Courtesy/DPU

DPU News:

The Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities has identified damages from recent flooding in and around the County that impacts existing infrastructure, projects and operations. There are a number of other damages that have not yet been assessed as well.

Los Alamos Reservoir: The reservoir has filled with silt and debris from the recent floods and the access road has washed out and the underlying waterline exposed and damaged. The estimated cost to repair for dredging is $1,500,000; road repair/reconstruction is $750,000; and waterline repair/replacement is $150,000 for an estimated total of $2,400,000.

Sediment filled reservoir. Courtesy/DPU

Stream running through reservoir access road. Courtesy/DPU

Reservoir road washed out and waterline exposed. Courtesy/DPU

Low-water crossing leading to Pajarito Well No. 5 destroyed (Guaje Canyon.) Courtesy/DPU

Debris in road in Guaje Canyon. Courtesy/DPU

Manhattan Loop Sewer Project: Ongoing sewer reconstruction project in Pueblo Canyon was inaccessible after the flooding when the road washed out. The project included construction of a new sewer pipe across Pueblo Canyon creek. A change order was immediately issued to contractor to bulldoze a road to access the work zone.
Estimated cost to repair: The estimated road repair/reconstruction is $40,000.

Composting Facility Project: Ongoing project to construct a composting facility experienced large amounts of erosion damage. The estimated cost to repair the eroded site $10,000.

Guaje Canyon: The road washed out in several locations, waterline has been exposed/damaged, one concrete low water crossing has been damaged beyond repair and multiple low water crossings will require significant repair and armoring.

The estimated cost is:

  • Road Repair/Reconstruction/armoring $750,000
  • Waterline Repair/Replacement $200,000
  • Low-water Crossing Repair (multiple) $350,000
  • Low-water Crossing Reconstruction (@Pajarito Well #5) $800,000
  • Emergency work to access wells $150,000

The estimated total is $2,250,000.



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