DPNM Highlights Native American Representation On Governing Body Ahead Of State Central Committee Meeting

DPNM News:

ALBUQUERQUE — Saturday, April 22, the State Central Committee (SCC), which is the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, will meet to conduct official Party business, including announcing the election results for Party Officer positions, voted on by the SCC.

For the first time in the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s history, these votes will include the 14 additional SCC positions that are allocated to sovereign tribal members.

These additional SCC positions were created by an amendment to DPNM State Party Rules that codifies these positions specifically allocated to New Mexico Democrats who are enrolled members of a sovereign tribal community. This amendment guarantees that tribal members are represented within the Democratic Party.

Included in these 14 SCC positions are Navajo Nation Vice President Richelle Montoya, New Mexico Representatives Charlotte Little (D-Albuquerque) and Anthony Allison (D-Fruitland), NM Senator Shannon Pinto (D-Tohatchi), Zia Pueblo Councilmember Dillon Shije, and Mescalero Apache Tribal Councilmember Duane Duffy. 

“I am thrilled that the Democratic Party of New Mexico is building strong partnerships with New Mexico’s sovereign tribal communities who were so often disenfranchised in the Democratic process,” said Rep. Charlotte Little, a member of San Felipe Pueblo. “Even before I was an elected member of the state legislature, I have been involved at the grassroots level of civic engagement. Seeing the DPNM State Central Committee become more inclusive is truly rewarding and an achievement I am proud to be a part of.”

“I am so proud that the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico is taking steps to be more inclusive of sovereign tribal communities and making sure we have a voice in the internal Party process,” said Chair Isaac Casados of the DPNM Native American Caucus. “The Democratic Party of New Mexico has codified a concrete measure which will ensure New Mexican tribal sovereign nations have a seat at the table, now and for years to come.” 

“Democrats understand that diversity, equity and inclusion strengthen our Party and lead to more representative government and better policy outcomes,” DPNM Chair Jessica Velasquez said. “We are committed to making sure our internal governing body, the State Central Committee, fosters stronger partnerships with sovereign tribes, pueblos and nations.”

Article II, Rule 1.2.8 — as voted on and certified by the Democratic Party of New Mexico SCC — improves inclusivity and representation on the Party’s governing body. 

These 14 positions are allocated across the state as follows: 

  • 2 Native American SCC positions are allocated to the sovereign tribal communities (STCs) in Congressional District 1
  • 4 Native American SCC positions are allocated to the STC’s in Congressional District 2
  • 4 Native American SCC positions in Congressional District 3 are allocated to the Navajo Nation
  • 4 Native American SCC positions are allocated to the other STC’s in Congressional District 3

After decades of struggle, Native Americans in the United States received voting rights in 1948. 

The State Central Committee (SCC) is the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and oversees the organization’s political affairs. The SCC’s powers include: approving Party Rules and Platform, electing party officers, committee members and DNC Committee Persons, nominating statewide and federal candidates to the ballot, and filling general election ballot vacancies in special circumstances.


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