DPNM Chair Debra Haaland Travels To North Dakota In Solidarity With New Mexico Tribes

DPNM Chair Debra Haaland with Standing Rock Sioux members Wasté Win Young and Susan Ireland. Courtesy photo 
NMDP News:
Chair Debra Haaland of the Democratic Party of New Mexico traveled recently to North Dakota in solidarity with Native Tribes in New Mexico and across the country. The Department of Justice, Department of the Army, and the Department of Interior temporarily halted construction of the pipeline on federal land Sept. 9 until a proper evaluation is conducted.
“Tribal consultation is the cornerstone of building trust and honoring our government to government relationship,” Haaland said. “It’s imperative that our tribes have a seat at the table, and that their voice is respected. The resolution to this issue must be found peacefully to protect the cultural and natural resources of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.”
During her time in North Dakota, Haaland volunteered at the Standing Rock Tribal Services Building, and met with Standing Rock tribal leaders. She also visited the Oceti Sakowin Camp where the Standing Rock community is set up in protest to oil and gas development on their sacred sites and under their major water source.
The Democratic Party of New Mexico’s Native American Democratic Caucus wrote a letter to Chair Dave Archambault II expressing support for the tribe’s stance. 
In the letter, the caucus states, “It is of great importance that all Indigenous peoples come together in this time of need and circumstance.”