Donor Helps Students Struggling With Food Insecurity

Mia Holsapple and Shawn Roman share breakfast pizzas with staff at LAMS. Courtesy photo

National Milk Day is Jan. 11. People may not realize that there are students in this community who struggle daily with food insecurity and can’t afford costs associated with the school lunch program.

As the holidays arrived in 2017, so did a local donor who wanted to help local children with that struggle. Chartwell’s Food Services, the organization that provides breakfast, lunch and catering services for Los Alamos Public Schools, had a visit from an “elf.” This elf said she wanted to help families by giving them a hand up, not a hand out.
Director of Dining Services and Chef Mia Holsapple knows of many students who need help at each of the schools in here and according to Holsapple, some schools have a greater need, but the need is always present.
Holsapple worked with the donor to pay down or off balances for those struggling financially. Additionally, funds were added to accounts for children to have lunch available to them when school is back in session next week.
The donor never knows who they are helping, but can direct funds ase in this case to assist single parent families with children.
“If there are any additional, ‘elfs,’ in the world who would like to help any further with some of our students who may not qualify for free/reduced meals or would just to sponsor a student for lunch, please feel free to contact me via email or my cell phone,” Holsapple said. “We can accept all forms of payment and provide a receipt for your records.”
According to Holsapple the recent donor saw the need, had been in the place of many people who have needed a hand up and was blessed to be able to do this for others. Those wishing to help fill needs in 2018 can contact Holsapple anytime. She is available in her office at 505.663.2401, by cell at 409.877.3911 or email at