DOE Releases RFI/Sources Sought For EM ICP

DOE News:
CINCINNATI, Ohio The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today issued a Request for Information (RFI)/Sources Sought for the Environmental Management (EM) Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) – Radioactive Waste Management Complex (RWMC) Closure and Other Mission Objectives acquisition at the DOE Idaho National Lab (INL) Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) Site in southeast Idaho.
The EM ICP mission objectives is currently being performed by Fluor Idaho, LLC and expires May 31, 2021.
The RFI/Sources Sought is seeking to solicit input via capability statements from interested parties with the specialized capabilities necessary to meet the Major Elements of Scope for the upcoming competitive procurement for the EM ICP – RWMC Closure; Complete Movement of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) from Wet to Dry Storage; Complete Transuranic (TRU) Waste Shipments Out of the State of Idaho; Sodium Bearing Waste (SBW) Processed and Tank Farm Closure Completion; Establishment of a Direct Disposal Pathway for Calcine; Maintain Facilities and General Infrastructure; Maintain Regulatory Compliance; and Establishment of a Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposition Pathway Site. Within these capability statements, DOE is seeking feedback from contractors and other interested parties regarding options for innovative approaches for the performance of the Major Elements of Scope as well as insight into potential contracting alternatives for accelerated achievement of project End States.
This market research will assist DOE with identifying interested and capable sources and developing its acquisition strategy. Key market research goals include identifying and minimizing barriers to competition, evaluating small business capabilities, and identifying risks. This contract is intended to align with the current EM End State contract model, however the final contract type, period of performance, amount of funding, and set aside possibilities will be determined through the acquisition planning process and this market research.
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