Dist. 43 Candidate Stover Listens To Senior Concerns

Senior residents gather with House Dist. 43 candidate Sharon Stover recently to voice their views on a range of issues important to them. Courtesy photo

From left, Glen Lockhart, House Dist. 43 candidate Sharon Stover and host Dorothy Crawford. Courtesy photo


Sharon Stover, Republican candidate for House Dist. 43 recently sat with a group of residents in White Rock to discuss issues of concern to the senior community.

Dorothy Crawford hosted the event. Topics included the new White Rock Senior Center, public transportation availability and senior housing options.

Stover has talked with thousands of residents across District 43 to get their opinions on the challenges and opportunities existing in New Mexico. She has participated in a series of small informal gatherings hosted by interested citizens that focus on specific topics important to New Mexicans. These discussions have covered a broad range of subjects from small business development to improving the state’s public education system.