Dispennette: Wow What A Journey

Los Alamos

Wow what a journey. When I was approached to run for County Assessor, being such a newcomer to the community, I had no idea I would attract so many votes. I honestly am deeply humbled for everyone’s vote and the trust you all placed in me to oversee the county tax assessment.

Yet even more, I am grateful for Ken Milder for running a civil race. It is a pleasure to be a part of a community where you can run on an idea, a belief system, and a resume as opposed to battling lies and misdirection. What a great example we lead! So thank you Ken and thank you Los Alamos. 

While I would imagine no one enjoys to lose, I’m blessed to return to focusing on all the volunteer ventures I’m involved in as well as indulging in the absolute privilege it is to be Los Alamos’ local State Farm agent – be ready for some great new announcements to come!