Dispennette: Merging Of My Backgrounds Needed For Probate Judge

GOP Candidate
Probate Judge

I am asking for your vote to be Los Alamos’ next Probate Judge because I believe who I am and my professional experience make me uniquely qualified for this position.

As an Army Chaplain I spent years helping families through some of the most intense moments many of us could imagine. With two combat tours myself to Iraq and Afghanistan, I became an expert in family crisis management as well as helping my soldiers deal with PTSD. There is no question that I will be a light when needed most for families sorting out the legal needs as a result of losing a loved one.

I also am an accomplished business owner. You all know me as the owner / operator of our local State Farm agency but I have also opened successful franchises and currently oversee the operational development of a fitness business as it prepares to be launched in a nationwide concept. These business experiences have taught me how to lead through complex situations and to be a confident decision maker. 

The merging of my two backgrounds is exactly what is needed for a Probate Judge. Someone with the compassion and experience to help families with their grief and the confidence to gently lead them through the decisions they need to make. 

If you agree, please vote for Abe Dispennette for Probate Judge.