Dines’ Good Governance Bills Pass House State Government, Indians & Government Affairs Committee

House Dist. 20 Rep. Jim Dines
SANTA FE The House State Government, Indians and Veterans’ Affairs Committee approved two bills Thursday offered by Rep. Jim Dines (R-Bernalillo) to promote transparency and good governance in New Mexico.
The committee heard House Bill 73 and House Joint Resolution 8, both sponsored by Dines. House Bill 73 would restrict certain former state officials from becoming compensated lobbyists for at least two years after leaving their public positions. The restriction would apply to statewide elected officials, legislators, cabinet secretaries and Public Regulation Commissioners.
The bill is cosponsored by Rep. Joanne Ferrary (D-Doña Ana) and Rep. Nathan Small (D-Doña Ana). It passed the committee by a vote of 9 to 0.
House Joint Resolution 8 is a proposed state constitutional amendment to establish a seven-member independent ethics commission in New Mexico. If passed, it would be put on the 2018 ballot for voter approval and incorporation into the state’s constitution.
The resolution is similar to legislation Dines offered last year. The prior resolution passed the House on a bipartisan 50 to 10 vote, but Dines pulled it from consideration after the Senate changed some key provisions.
This year’s resolution is cosponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn (D-Doña Ana), Rep. Nathan Small (D-Doña Ana) and Rep. Bill McCamley (D-Doña Ana). It was approved by the committee by a vote of 8 to 1.
“Good governance provides the necessary foundation for a civil society. Throughout my time in Santa Fe, I have offered legislation designed to strengthen the public’s trust in state government,” Dines said. “These bipartisan proposals are intended to address limitations in our laws as well as provide additional measures to enhance transparency and trust.”
House Bill 73 was also referred to the House Judiciary Committee. House Joint Resolution 8 was referred to the House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants and Cultural Affairs Committee as well as the House Judiciary Committee.