Deteriorating Roof Finally Replaced On Kayenta House

The deteriorating roof of a home at 354 Kayenta Dr., in White Rock has finally been replaced after more than three years of effort by Los Alamos County officials due to its hazardous condition. Courtesy photo

A photo taken July 2 shows the entire roof has been removed and replaced on the Kayenta Drive property in White Rock. Courtesy photo


Los Alamos Daily Post

The roof on a house owned by Jay Stimmel at 354 Kayenta Dr., in White Rock has finally been replaced and passed inspection by Los Alamos County building officials.

The deterioration of the roof has been the subject of dozens of hearings before Los Alamos Municipal Judge Alan Kirk since early 2015. County attorneys and code enforcement officials spent hundreds of hours trying to get the issue resolved with Stimmel who consistently chose to plead not guilty to having a deteriorating roof and pay fines rather than address the issue.

Stimmel finally began to take action on replacing the roof after a Court hearing last month when Assistant County Attorney Kevin Powers said monetary fines were not doing it and that the County was suggesting jail time. Powers told the Court that he didn’t think jail time for a code violation should be appropriate but that after $2,000 in fines and four guilty verdicts he didn’t know what else the County could do to show Stimmel it was serious.

Many of the tarps Stimmel placed on the roof over the three-year period had shredded and pieces had been flying onto adjacent properties as well as public property behind the house for which neighbors had filed complaints with the Community Development Department. Stimmel had not lived in the home since 2011 and Judge Kirk voiced concern about the fire hazard caused by exposed plywood with no shingles attached and expressed sympathy for neighbors who had been affected by the situation.

Powers said today that he is happy the work is finally complete.

“Hopefully the issue is finally resolved, and the neighbors’ concerns have been addressed,” Powers said.

The Los Alamos Daily Post reached out to Stimmel for comment today but did not receive a response.