Design Concepts Presented at Tonight’s Public Meeting for White Rock Branch Library

Concept A (the “corner site”) Advantages Efficient use of land ( uses land that wouldn’t be effective for park) High degree of Visibility, potential to create strong community symbol Great View Opportunities Takes advantage of “sunny southern” entrance Conveniently located within proximity to Youth Center Project easily constructed without disrupting Pinion Park functions Constructability advantages: Utilize existing parking lot already constructed by county with additional new parking in front of Library and Youth Center that serves both buildings.

The cut and fill for building foundations is minimized based on existing topography. Reduces project footprint which allows design to efficiently address improvements to Youth Center and Library infrastructure. This would suggest a great portion of the budget is spent on the buildings compared to other sites requiring more infrastructure improvements. Parking works well for both Library and Youth Activity Center Aligns with Strategy Diagram for White Rock Center’s future development Opportunity for outdoor community amphitheater space Disadvantages Constructability disadvantages: The relocation of overhead power and communication lines are on the critical path of the schedule and must be completed before Library construction can begin.