Department Of Homeland Security Releases Guidelines On Who Is To Be Prioritized For Immigration Enforcement

NMDT News:

ALBUQUERQUE — Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Thursday, “These guidelines don’t take a categorical approach. They call for an individualized determination in each case, understand the totality of the facts and circumstances and then make a determination whether the individual in fact poses a public safety threat.”

The immigrant community doesn’t need new guidelines to make us feel safe, we need ICE and deportations to end now, said the New Mexico Dream Team (NMDT). Once again we see how they try to cover ICE’s abusive conduct against immigrants by talking about new guidelines.

“The department is guided by the fact that a majority of the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. have been contributing members of communities for years, including people on the frontlines battling Covid-19,” Mayorka said.

Exactly if we have been and still are contributing to the US why use inhumane punishments like deportations against immigrant communities battling to have a better life.

“It doesn’t matter if the department is returning to Obama-era immigration enforcement measures because at the end this is just showing hate towards a community,” NMDT Communications Manager Itzayana Banda said. “My dad was deported in 2011 after years of contributing to the U.S without any opportunity to defend himself. ICE separated my family, not caring if my dad had small children here, or if my family was going to be ok because they had to follow their guidelines. It doesn’t matter how Homeland Security explains it, it’s still discrimination towards a person. DEPORTATIONS need to STOP NOW they do traumatize, hurt, and it is not ok to separate families!”