Democratic Party Of New Mexico Veterans Caucus Announces New Leadership

Debra Haaland, left, candidate for US Congress-Dist. 1 and Dr. Madeline Hildebrandt the new commander/chairperson for the Veterans Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. Courtesy photo
NMDP News:
ALBUQUERQUE The Veterans Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico announces that Dr. Madeline “Mad” Hildebrandt, former candidate for US Congress in the 2nd District, has been elected chairperson/commander.
She replaces Greg Seeley, who has stepped down from the position of interim chairman, but has agreed to continue to serve in his former capacity of vice chairman.
Dr. Hildebrandt is a veteran of the US Coast Guard, and served as a radioman and shore patrol (military police). She is a member of the GI Forum. She holds a PhD in US History, and has been a member of teaching faculty for colleges and universities and is an adjunct professor at Rowan College at Burlington County.
She brings the experience of over a year and a half of actively running for political office, along with political connections she has made across the state.
“It’s been a privilege to serve as Chairman. Now, I look forward to the new leadership. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have at the top of this organization,” Seeley said.
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