Democratic Chairwoman Expresses Disappointment Saying Governor Chooses Politics Over Capital Outlay


Democratic Party Chairwoman Deb Haaland weighed in this evening on Governor Martinez’s apparent decision not to call a special session in order to pass a much needed capital outlay funding bill.

“Governor Martinez and New Mexico Republicans know this bill would help the working families all across our state,” said Haaland from a Young Democrats event in Grants. “That’s why it is absolutely shocking to me that the Republicans won’t put partisan differences aside for one day to conduct the people’s business, as they were elected to do. I’m disappointed, and I’m thinking about the jobs that will be lost and the families that will suffer because of short sighted decisions.”

Haaland’s comments echo those of other Democratic leaders in the state.

“Senate Democrats continue to be ready and willing to go into special session to pass a capital outlay bill, if the Governor will call it,” said Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez in a press release this afternoon. “We know that capital outlay projects create much needed jobs in our local communities. That’s why this is urgent.”

“This is the important unfinished work of the 2015 Legislature,” said Sen. John Arthur Smith, chair of the Legislative Finance Committee. “The projects contained in this legislation are critical to create jobs that we need in communities in every part of New Mexico.”

“Governor Martinez has said in the past she would call a special session if there were a pre-negotiated agreement,” Sanchez said. “As we’ve said before, Senate Democrats will agree immediately to pass the capital outlay package of spending projects of repairs and improvements to senior centers, public libraries, our higher education facilities, and tribal communities. These projects will help stimulate the economy and create jobs in all parts of the state.”

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