Decorating A Kid’s Bedroom

Beautiful nursery. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

I love to write about interior design, but often forget to cover one important group – kids! Most parents will agree that providing their children with a wonderful living space in which they can thrive, learn and play is of paramount importance.

For a child, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It is a place to do schoolwork, listen to music, play games, sprawl on the floor, rough-house, read, build models, daydream, visit with friends and keep innumerable possessions. You’ll need to plan carefully to create a room that serves all those functions, to be comfortable and inviting.

Decorating a kids’ room opens up a whole world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect place to be bold, brave or magical as you want. Looking for ideas to create a space your kids will love? Let the fun begin…


A girl’s room exprsses her personal style. Courtesy photo

Let Kids Express Their Style

A child’s room will truly feel like their own space if you allow her to weigh in on the design choices. Even as a 9 year old, my mother allowed me to choose the color of the room and the bedspread. She had no idea at the time of the impact it had on me. I felt empowered. Having an input gave me ownership of the room, and as a result, I took great care of it.


Gallery of children’s art. Courtesy photo

Curate Your Kids’ Artwork

Children create a lot of art and get excited about displaying their favorite creations. Unite kids’ drawings as a collection by using a common color scheme and a grid of frames. When it comes to paintings, even toddlers can create beautiful abstract art, whether it’s with their fingers or a paintbrush!


A “Tiffany Box’ bedroom. Courtesy photo

Embrace Whimsy

A child’s room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas, from a three-shaped bookshelf to fun wallpaper or bed frames. Design a room that’s as unique as your kids are. This ‘Tiffany Box’ bedroom belong to my niece. What girl wouldn’t love to live inside it?  


Child’s work space. Courtesy photo

Add a Workspace

Homework isn’t such a chore when there’s an organized and dedicated area set aside for it. Surround the study area with colorful items, enough light to see well, keep handy all the supplies they might need and kids will be drawn to it.


Transitional room. Courtesy photo

Think Transitionally

It makes sense to think about furniture that is classic. With stylish gray walls and mature furnishings, this little girl’s bedroom can transition for years to come. The contemporary white desk and nightstands are suitable for a young girl but can easily make the transition to pre-teen and older.

Organized closet. Courtesy photo

Start Them Out Organized

Create a tidy closet for little ones with labeled storage bins and baskets. Clothes grouped by size will make dressing junior a snap. Add a small dresser or shelves for storing foldable clothes and tiny toys. As they grow a bookcase not only houses books, but baskets for storage and artfully displays toys.

Up The Eco Factor

An eco-conscious room uses sustainable resources like no-VOC wall paint and organic cotton bedding to create a healthy place for kids to sleep and play. In terms of decorating, an eco-friendly design concept should withstand the trends of time, so that rooms don’t have to be redone as styles change and children grow.

A child’s surrounding can have a hug impact on how they grow and develop. As parents, try to make your children’s living spaces as comfortable and fun as possible, within your means.

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