December Artist At Los Alamos Co+op

Artwork by Lori Heimdahl Gibson in the dining area at the Los Alamos Co+op Market. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos Co-op December Artist
For me art is about being more fully alive. It is about “waking up” to see the beauty around me, and allowing a greater force to work through me. 
Whether doing or looking, I am more mindful and focused when engaged with art. It helps me to look at the world with new eyes, appreciating the amazing creativity in others and myself. Art is an integral part of my spiritual practice.
I took my first drawing class in Minnesota in 1996, and since then have studied multiple mediums at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota , UNM-Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico College in Española, including: art history, collage, cartoons (my uncle, Ralph Heimdahl, drew Bugs Bunny for Warner Bros. for his career), watercolor, sculpture, stone carving, ceramics, and most recently, oils. I now have a studio in my home and am retired, so have made art a greater priority in my very full life.
In December of 2015 I went to Esalen in Big Sur, Calif., for an Intuitive Painting 5-day workshop with Stewart Cubley, designed to tap into our innate creativity. This workshop has opened up a whole new way of painting for me that I find extremely joyful. I’ve included some of my recent intuitive oil paintings in this display at the Co+op.
Having been fortunate enough to travel around the world to see many great works of art in person, I have come to believe that art is a powerful means for human beings to develop their highest and best selves, making this world a much better place. In 1983 I got my private pilot’s license, and must say that art is like having wings and flying, seeing life from a loftier perspective!
Thank you to the Los Alamos Food Co-op for supporting local artists. My work will be there for the month of December. The Co-op is my favorite place to shop!