Daily Postcard: Violet-Green Swallows Feed Chicks

Daily Postcard: Violet-green swallows nest in a birdhouse in the yard of a residence on Andanada Street on Barranca MesaThere seems to be two chicks in the nest. The parents visit the nest every few minutes with insects for the youngsters. According to audobon.org, both parents feed nestlings, but the female often does more. The chicks typically leave the nest 23-24 days after hatching. The parents continue to feed the young for some time after they leave the nest. Photo by Ken Hanson

When the swallows sense potential danger, they sit on a cable and protest. Photo by Ken Hanson

A pair of swallow chicks wait for their next meal. Photo by Ken Hanson

The food arrives. Photo by Ken Hanson

The chicks are hungry again. Photo by Ken Hanson