Daily Postcard: Full Flower Blue Moon Spotted Saturday

This shot of the Full Flower Blue Moon was taken about 3:40 a.m. Saturday in White Rock. A Blue Moon rarely appears blue in the sky, and the name actually has little to do with its color. Usually, a full moon occurs just once a month. Sometimes—about every three years or so—one month will have two full moons. This phenomenon is what is called a Calendrical Blue Moon. But that’s not the case this May. According to the Farmers’ Almanac, each of the four seasons typically contains three full moons. However, sometimes a season will have four. When that happens, the third full moon of that season is referred to as a Seasonal Blue Moon. Additionally, each month’s full moon is given a name based on what happens during that time of year. Because flowers usually come into bloom in May, its full moon is also known as the Full Flower Moon. The next full moon can be seen May 29, 2019. Photo by Nancy Ann Hibbs