Daily Postcard: ‘Bob’s Horse’ By Alice Waterman

Daily Postcard: ‘Bob’s Horse’ painted for longtime Los Alamos resident Bob Waterman (1921-2003) by his wife Alice Waterman (1919-2013) now stands in the lobby of Oppenheimer Place in Los Alamos. Photo by Greg Kendall
Bob’s Horse 
By Alice Waterman 
November 2003
Bob Waterman wanted a painted pony for the lobby of the new Hampton Inn built in White Rock. So, in September 2002, we went to Santa Fe one Saturday afternoon to look at a few on display. To my mind, they were very expensive, but Bob still wanted a horse. In mid November 2002, an unpainted pony was delivered to our condo. Now, I never agreed to paint a horse! However, what Bob Waterman wanted, he usually figured a way to get.
It is my thought that he went to the office and left the strong impression with our sons that their mom wanted to paint a horse, so they ordered one. And paint a horse, I did! It seemed the only way to get it out of our condo – gracefully.
I had many problems, being an amateur. Never had I ever used acrylic paints. It was two sets of patterns later before I had the right proportion for the horse. Transferring flat patterns to a round horse proved a challenge. Painting took a long time – sometimes on a ladder and sometimes on my knees. It took me six months, finishing it late September, 2003. The horse had been my house guest for almost a year. I am glad I did it, but I never want to do another. Bob, here is your horse. I wish you could see it. Bob died February 26, 2003.

‘Bob’s Horse’ Plaque. Photo by Greg Kendall

Original letter from Alice Waterman to her husband Bob. Photo by Greg Kendall