Daily Postcard: A Migrant Townsend’s Warbler At Bandelier

Daily Postcard: A close-up look at a Townsend’s Warbler Sept. 13 at Bandelier National Monument. These small  birds breed in the far northwest, from Oregon to Alaska, and winter in Mexico and Central America. Since they do not breed in New Mexico, all the birds seen at Bandelier are migrants. Here they feed extensively on ‘honeydew’ – an energy rich, nectar-like substance excreted by some aphids and scale insects. The community is invited to spend a fall Friday with Bandelier’s bird banding team. Join a ranger for an early morning program at the fall migration banding station at the Alamo Boundary Trail. To learn more about the birds of Bandelier and the importance of bird banding as a survey method, join the group 7:30-9:30 a.m. each Friday at the Alamo Boundary Trail. For more information, call the Bandelier visitor’s center at 505-672-3861 x0. Courtesy/BNM


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