C’YA Welcomes New Board Member Claire Swinhoe

Claire Swinhoe. Courtesy photo

C’YA News:

Claire Swinhoe was recently invited to join the Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) Board of Directors. She and her husband Martyn have been dependable donors to support the monthly Community Youth Awards. Her devotion to youth fits right in line with the C’YA vision.

I think it is very important to recognize students and young people, regardless of their background, ethnicity and educational achievements,” Swinhoe said. “Every student who does something worthwhile, and is an asset, deserves to be acknowledged and appreciated.”

Swinhoe is one of six board members who have been tasked with the “Cookie Plate Challenge.” The goal is to bake a plate of cookies, take a photo and deliver it to an unsuspecting person. Then email the photo to cya.org@att.net or donate $5 to Champions of Youth Ambitions.

The delicious fundraiser to benefit the monthly Community Youth Award goes until the end of February.