C’YA Hosts Youth Entrepreneur Fair Aug. 11

C’YA News:
When life gives you a lot of lemons sell lemonade. That is just one of the activities you will find as Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) hosts a Youth Entrepreneur Fair Aug. 11, and youth are welcome to apply. The event will take place from 10am-2pm at the United Church of Los Alamos.
The fair is a low cost opportunity for youth from the community and around the area, to sell their arts, crafts, products or services. The event takes place just prior to the start of school, when the actual summer for students, comes to an end.
The event will rent tables for just $5 for individual youth and $10 for youth organizations wishing to raise some funds for activities. If youth aren’t able to attend, they may leave flyers or business cards for just $1, at a special marketing table. The addition of a low impact publicity opportunity is ideal for youth businesses that continue throughout the year.
“If young people have a business for pet services, babysitting, lawn mowing or snow shoveling,” Event Coordinator Bernadette Lauritzen said. “It allows young sales people an inexpensive way to try something new, perhaps attempting to make their own money for the first time and in a safe venue.”
According to Lauritzen, it may be a great chance for youth clubs and organizations to raise some easy funds before the start of a new school year. This call for vendors welcomes all youth groups and clubs from Girl Scouts to band, ROTC, robotics and more. As the mom of three, she knows the demand for parent time during the year is always strong and a built-in event maybe be one key for success.
Rumor has it that a variety of items will be on hand from a traditional bake sale and lemonade stands to handmade crafts, mini garage sales and music.
“C’YA will allow young musicians to play for no fee,” Lauritzen said. “The event will provide thirty-minute interludes for individuals or small groups, where artists can open their music cases and collect donations, often seen in larger cities.”
The United Church is the site for the first annual Youth Entrepreneur Fair. The location at 2525 Canyon Road, just adjacent from the Aquatic Center and PEEC, is perfect for those planning to head up to the County Fair. It also demonstrates other entities coming together to support youth in the community.
An application is available upon request by emailing cya.org@att.net, texting or calling 505.695.9139. Find them on Facebook at Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA).