Current Issue of National Security Science Magazine Focuses on Supercomputing


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The Supercomputing Issue: look what’s inside the current issue of National Security Science magazine

In this issue:

  • But Will It Work?—Supercomputing is key to assessing the performance and reliability of the aging U.S. nuclear stockpile.
  • Roadrunner: On the Road to Trinity—The next big supercomputer, Trinity, will be based on what the Roadrunner supercomputer could, and couldn’t, do.
  • The Tip of the Iceberg: Say, what is “under the floor” of a supercomputer?—That floor is the size of a football field. What’s even more amazing is what’s under it.
  • Big Data, Fast Data—”Big Data” isn’t necessarily useful data. How does Los Alamos make massive amounts of data instantly useful?
  • Killing Killer Asteroids—Asteroids have caused mass extinctions and widespread destruction. Can a nuclear explosive destroy the next one before it strikes the Earth?
  • Strategic Deterrence in the 21st Century—The U.S. nuclear weapons capability is second to none, but is it in danger of becoming second to one?

…and more!

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