Criminal Summons Filed For Karyne Archuleta In Los Alamos Embezzlement Case

Los Alamos Daily Post

A criminal summons has been filed in Los Alamos Magistrate Court for Karyne Archuleta of Espanola charging her with embezzlement of more than $17,500 from her former employer, Annette Weyrauch, owner of Physical Therapy Plus in Los Alamos.

Court documents indicate that Los Alamos Police Sgt. Tim Lonz met April 9 with Weyrauch who told him that Archuleta, then her office manager, had possibly embezzled the money from her over a two-year period.

Lonz’s report states that Weyrauch suspected Archuleta because she was the only other person with access to the account. The report said that when Weyrauch confronted Archuleta in March about the missing money and told her she was not happy with the account … Archuleta’s reply was that “she did not do it” and then she quit her job before being fired.

Weyrauch presented Lonz with documentation explaining the amounts of cash taken in each month since January 2015 and the amount actually deposited in the bank. When Lonz asked Weyrauch why she had waited so long to report the theft, she replied that she trusted Archuleta and did not know it was happening until she was informed by another employee that Archuleta was having money problems. Wanting to be sure of the information, Weyrauch said she began conducting her investigation in November.

LAPD Det. Joey Robinson began meeting with Weyrauch April 8 and found out that co-pays from physical therapy patients were sometimes paid in cash, which was placed in envelopes on a daily basis. Part or whole cash deposits were allegedly embezzled by Archuleta from the envelopes.

Robinson’s statement of probable cause says that Weyrauch merely brought up the issue of the missing money, she gave Archuleta a chance to come forward to work out the issue. Weyrauch told Robinson that Archuleta appeared to attempt to determine what happened to the money through the bookkeeping system. She said when Archuleta was unable to find the missing money, she told Weyrauch she did not take the money and immediately quit.

Robinson interviewed Archuleta June 23 at the police station. His report states that Archuleta told him when Weyrauch approached her about the missing money and told her she wanted her money back, she was “caught off guard” because she did not take the money and did not have it. The report states Archuleta told Weyrauch she would look into the missing money and that she was able to find all except for approximately $6,000. She said Weyrauch never gave her more time to look for the rest of the money.

“When asked later if she took some of the money, she stated that she was given money (cash) from time to time from Ms Weyrauch for doing a good job. When asked to clarify, Ms Archuleta stated that on several occasions, when the business was doing well, Ms Weyrauch would give her cash before leaving for the day, for doing a good job,” Robinson states in his report.

Robinson met with Weyrauch Aug. 1 to review how the business handled its finances because Archuleta allegedly claimed to him that there were many people handling the money without any accountability. His report indicates that he found no information on bank deposits and that it appeared to him that Archuleta was “simply manipulating the system” to account for the missing money.

The statement of probable cause says that upon review of all records received from the bank and from the business, “it shows that during the entire length of Ms Archuleta’s employment, there was a total amount of $37,544.80 worth of cash that was logged into the system for Physical Therapy Plus, with an amount of $20,440.60 being deposited.”

The statement of probable cause also says, “That leaves an amount of $17,504.20 that was not deposited into the bank. Due to the fact that Ms Archuleta was the person in charge of handling the money that was brought into all three branches of the business and there is no record of her ever finding a shortage on delivery to her, it is believed that Ms Archuleta did embezzle the said $17,504.20 from the business.”

Judge Pat Casados has recused herself from this case, which is now assigned to Judge Alexandria C. Naranjo.

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