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Los Alamos entrepreneur Nik Seet. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Admit it … Sometimes it’s easier to press “Share” than it is to come up with something completely original on Facebook. Not only that, but your friends are more likely to respond to a meme that you’ve shared than to your own status updates.

If you’ve ever thought it would be fun to make your own meme, but worry that it might be too hard, might be the answer. “3 Clicks | Go Viral” is the company’s slogan.

EZmeme is a mobile app created by Los Alamos entrepreneur Nik Seet. The app makes it easier than ever to create and share memes (those funny and sometimes thought-provoking pictures that get shared and reshared – aka “go viral”).

One of the questions Seet asked himself when he was coming up with his idea, was “How do you get people to slow down a little bit and open their creative minds?” The problem is that even if people want to be more creative, they are often too busy to sit and reflect … much less design original online content.

That’s why Seet’s website aims to make it as easy as possible to make a meme that can be shared. With just three clicks you can combine inspiring quotes, fun facts or famous sayings with amazing photos. When you’re done you can have a thought provoking meme that you can share with your network.

“My goal was to make it easy to create high quality content,” Seet said. “Some of it will go viral, and some of it won’t. But it can all be liked and shared by your friends.”

Seet is teaching a class at the Diamond Mix called Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise. The students are all raising money for their budding businesses on Main Street Crowd. Find EZmeme and three other Los Alamos crowdfunding campaigns at