Court Briefs


Chihyeujim Kao Pleads Guitly To Assault And Battery
Chihyuejim Kao, 61, pleaded guilty to assault and battery against a family member during his arraignment in Los Alamos Magistrate Monday. Kao was arrested March 12 following a domestic disturbance at his home where according to court documents he hit the victim on the head with his palms at which point she locked herself in a room to get away. The victim told officers she hurt her ankle when she jumped to safety from a window because Kao was breaking down the door. Judge Pat Casados told Kao she wished to hear from the victim before passing sentence and that although free on bond, he could not return to his home until Casados had spoken to the victim.

Raymond J. Martinez Pleads Guilty To Assualt Against A Family Member
Also on Monday, Raymond J. Martinez pleaded guilty to assault against a family member. He was arrested Feb. 11 after police responded to an incident at the victim’s place of work. The incident report says Martinez was allegedly “belligerent, highly intoxicated, stumbling around and aggressive” and notes that police had earlier advised him not to make contact with the victim in his “current inebriated state”. Martinez was served with a no trespass order and a copy of the emergency protection order for the victim. He is scheduled for sentencing May 4.

Garrett Eckhart’s Non-Jury Trial Continued To May 4
A non-jury trial for Garrett Eckhart on a charge of aggravated battery was continued to May 4. Eckhart was arrested Feb. 10 on a charge of aggravated battery after police responded to an address on Gold Street where they found a victim with injuries to his back and face. The victim was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center for treatment.

Compliance Hearing For Carolanne M. Salazar Set For April 10
Judge Casados set a compliance hearing for Carolanne M. Salazar for April 10 in response to a complaint that she had not begun payments to the victim in a criminal damage to property case.

Joshua D. Padilla-Spanarkel’s Case Continued
Joshua D. Padilla-Spanarkel, 22, of Santa Fe was scheduled for a non-jury trial Tuesday but informed Judge Casados that he needed a public defender so the case was continued. Padilla-Spanarkel was charged with larceny Feb. 3. He was alleged taken into custody after leaving the courtroom on an outstanding warrant.


Emilio Lujan Delafuente Requests Public Defender
Emilio Lujan Delafuente, 27, of Santa Fealso was scheduled for a non-jury trial Tuesday on a larceny charge but also asked for a public defender. He was also arrested Feb. 3.


Judge Accepts Ezekiel Jaramillo’s Plea Deal
Judge Casados accepted a plea deal from Ezekiel Jaramillo Tuesday on a charge of use or possession of drug paraphernalia. Jaramillo was cited in October 2015 following the driver of a car in which he was a passenger was stopped by police. According to the police incident report, when an officer approached the vehicle, he “got a strong odor of marijuana”. After getting permission from the registered owner to search the vehicle, the officer had the passengers exit the vehicle. The report says Jaramillo “appeared very nervous and kept placing his hands in his pockets”. The officer asked Jaramillo several times to keep his hands out of his pockets, and after he noticed a bulge in one of them, he patted Jaramillo down and felt a pipe. Jaramillo then allegedly retrieved the pipe and gave it to the officer. After an agreement was reached with the arresting officer, Jaramillo received a 90-day deferral and was ordered to pay court costs.

Abelardo Fernandez Is A No-Show For Non-Jury Trial
Abelardo Fernandez, 27, was scheduled on the court docket Tuesday but did not show up for a non-jury trial on charge of shoplifting.