Couple Douses Abandoned Campfire Burning In Jemez

This morning while walking their dog up in the Jemez, a couple came across this abandoned campfire that was still burning. Using a shovel they had in the back of their truck and jugs of water, the couple extinguished the fire. “I realize there’s a lot to think about these days, but how can anyone leave a HOT campfire? If the fires in California aren’t part of one’s awareness or the lack of snow this last winter, how about the smoky skies?” Bernice Williams said. “It is pretty unbelievable! Reminds me of the lady who threw a lit cigarette butt out the window of the car in front of me when we were evacuating from Los Alamos back in 2000. For our forests and dear firefighters, some working 24-hour shifts … Daily Post please publish this … education is key.” Photo by Bernice Williams