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zf CM County Government – Page 528

County Government

Council Supports State Implementation Plan for San Juan Plant

Courtesy Photo

By Carol A. Clark

Los Alamos County Council voted 5-2 to approve a resolution supporting New Mexico’s proposed State Implementation Plan in lieu of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Implementation Plan for reducing regional haze from the San Juan Generating Station near Farmington.

The federal plan requires Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology to be installed at all four of the plant’s coal-fired electric generating units at what PNM’s consulting engineer estimates a cost of $750,000,000.

Los Alamos County owns a 7.2 percent share of unit 4, which meets Read More

Homestead Tour Dedication

The dedication of the Los Alamos Homestead Tour, May 18th, 2012, 2 PM at the Romero Cabin, Fuller Lodge North Lawn. Reception and Tour to Follow.

Read More

DPU’s Abiquiu Hydroelectric Facility Earns Engineering Excellence Award


The Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities Abiquiu Hydroelectric Facility received another award for the low flow turbine project.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) New Mexico awarded the Engineering Excellence Award in the “Energy” category to AECOM for its engineering design work on the low flow project.

An award banquet is set to take place at the Sandia Hotel and Casino April 6.

Workers install a 3 mw turbine in a blue spiral case in the power house at the Abiquiu Hydroelectric Facility owned and operated by the Los Alamos Read More

Council Recognizes Los Alamos Police Department

Police Chief Wayne Torpy, center, and Deputy Police Chief Kevin Purtymun accept on behalf of the Los Alamos Police Department the Department of Defense recognition as a “Patriotic Employer” award presented by County Councilor Michael Wismer at tonight’s County Council meeting. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com  Read More

County Council Passes Substitute Motion Supporting State’s Plan Regarding San Juan Power Generation Plant

Department of Public Utilities Manager John Arrowsmith presented information to the Los Alamos County Council a few moments ago. Council heard public comment before passing a substitute motion supporting the state’s implementation plan asking EPA for a stay of inforcement regarding the San Juan Power Generation Plant. Check back for more details on tonight’s county council meeting taking place now in Council Chambers. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com Read More

County Animal Shelter Offers 2 for 1 Cat Deal

Allie the cat is up for adoption at the local animal shelter. Courtesy Photo

County Animal Shelter News:

All cats are on sale – “two for the price of one” – at the Los Alamos County Animal Shelter, so if you can’t make up your mind, don’t worry, take them both home.

Most cats love having a playmate.

This week’s featured pet is a short-haired feline named Allie whose primary color is calico.

Allie, 10, is house-trained, declawed, spayed and up-to date with all her routine shots.

She was given up for adoption when her owner left for college.

Allie seems especially partial to women and older, gentle children, Read More

Celebrate National Library Week April 8-14!


Bound Under the Influence:  Book Arts by Suzanne Vilmain
40 years of making & collecting books

Mesa Public Library Art Gallery
April 2 through 30
Public Reception
Saturday, April 7  2:00-4:00 PM

Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here. Courtesy Photo

Suzanne Vilmain has devoted much of her life to words, first as an English teacher and always as an artist who uses words and text both as the symbols they are and as design elements. In Vilmain’s words:

“I’ve been under the influence Read More

Progress Rolls Forward at White Rock Visitor Center

County News:

A compactor is working on the roadway between the Canada del Buey culvert bridge and N.M. 4. Photo by TK Thompson/ladailypost.com

There has been much progress in the White Rock Victor Center site work and most of the underground utilities are almost complete.

Other site work that is on-going includes: placement of drainage drop inlets, corrugated metal piping in Canada for new driveway and on the RV parking areas.

Placement of masonry block for a dumpster enclosure and cistern tank is scheduled to be completed by the end of this week.

A site retaining wall on the North West corner

Read More

DOD Selects Los Alamos Police Department for Recognition as a ‘Patriotic Employer’

DOD’s Freedom Award

County News:

The Los Alamos Police Department has been selected by the Department of Defense as a “Patriotic Employer.”

The chair of the local Employer Support for the Guard & Reserve will present the award to the local police during Tuesday’s County Council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers.

ESGR is a Department of Defense sponsored program to help guard and reserve members and to honor employers who do the same.

ESGR received 3,236 nominations for the 2012 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award. 

The Freedom Award is the Department Read More

Steel Starts Going up Monday on Muni Complex

Courtesy Photo

County News:

Residents and commuters can now see a large crane being constructed on the Municipal Complex building site.

The crane is being used to set the steel beams into place when framing of the building begins Monday.

Work is proceeding to pour the concrete slab foundation; the foundation clearly visible from Central Avenue is the location of the new Council Chambers.

Crews from the Jaynes Corporation and their subcontractors will continue to pour the foundation concurrently with erecting the steel, and will be placing steel for all three stories of the building in as many Read More

Budget Hearings Won’t Include Individual CIP Projects

At Tuesday night’s County Council meeting, County Administrator Harry Burgess recommended to the Council that, rather than debate the merits of every CIP project seeking funds for design/construction during budget hearings in April, they instead hold a Special CIP meeting May 15.
Their discussions during budget hearings would stay very high level (for example, discussing how many dollars they wish to put toward all capital projects, but, not specifically attaching dollars to any one particular project), and then they would evaluate
Read More

37th St. Play Lot Renovations Coming Soon

County News:
Los Alamos County Parks Manager Dick McIntyre recently held a meeting with local neighborhood residents at the 37th Street Play Lot near Villa Street.
The Play Lot is slated for renovations this Spring.
The following renovations will occur based on community feedback:
  • remove the sand safety zone material in the designated play areas and replace with engineered wood fiber, bringing the safety/fall zone into compliance
  • add a merry-go-around  with fall/safety zone material and borders (similar to the one at Community Park or North Mesa Park)
Read More

Regional Coalition Decries Funding Cuts, Calls on Congress to Restore Full Funding to Protect Jobs and the Environment

County News:

Today, the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities held a press conference in which they called on Congress to provide full funding for the Los Alamos National Laboratory to protect jobs and to remediate legacy waste at LANL.

The organization released the following statement:

“Adequate funding is needed to ensure environmental liabilities are addressed. Funding cuts are undermining DOE’s commitment to a safe and timely cleanup. The hazardous materials incident that occurred last week at TA-21 raises serious questions about the challenges that the site faces in remediating Read More

Friends of the Shelter: Animal of the Week

Who could resist this face?

Rocky – Pug/Boston Terrier Mix: An adoptable dog in Los Alamos, NM

Rocky has personality plus! He is a very high energy dog that loves to run and play. Petfinder says no kids but he would do okay with older kids rather than younger children.Rocky is a small 3-year-old neutered male dog who came to the shelter when his owner moved. He is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic and is probablytoo bouncy for small children. He is good with dogs. His behavior with cats is not known. Rocky loves to go to the dog park, where he runs and runs, even if there are no other dogs to play with. Read More

Your Voting Location Has Changed


Registerd voters assigned to any precinct (1 through 17) may vote at any of the following Voter Convenience Centers (VCC) on Election Day:

  • White Rock Fire Station #3, 129 NM State Road 4
  • Los Alamos County Community Building, 475 20th Street
  • Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, 3900 Trinity Drive 

For the 2012 Primary, absentee voting by mail or in person will be available at the County Clerk’s Office located at 2451 Central Avenue, Suite D between May 8th and June 1st from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday through Friday.

Early Voting will be available from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday Read More

County Workers Raise Colorful Banners Downtown on Tuesday’s First Day of Spring

Spring street banners go up along Central Avenue Tuesday marking the first day of spring. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Tuesday marked the first day of spring – the vernal equinox – when day and night are each approximately 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days before the vernal equinox.)

This is when the Sun crosses the celestial equator going northward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Spring brings increasing daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirth Read More

Lots of Filing Day Action at Clerk’s Office

ELECTION 2012 News:

By Carol A. Clark

By 10 a.m. this morning, Republican candidates for county council had all paid their $50 fee and filed to run for one of three available seats.

Roger Waterman arrived first followed by Marc Clay and Vincent Chiravalle filed third.

County Council Chair, Sharon Stover was unable to file in person, but sent a proxy, her husband Steve Girrens. She is seeking the position of County Clerk.

The Clerks Office will draw for ballot position immediately after the filing closes at 5:00 pm.

Check back throughout the day for more news on this developing story. Read More

Wireless @ Mesa Public Library-All over the Place!


Mesa Public Library has several multiuse spaces: meeting rooms, art gallery, Southwest Room, upstairs and downstairs rotundas, as well as many quiet nooks with fabulous views. So what’s been missing? Wireless! Now, instead of clustering only in the periodicals area and delving deeply into connection menus on wireless devices to find the correct network, patrons may access the internet from just about anywhere in the library, on any floor, any time during regular hours, and without an access code. While both White Rock Branch library and Mesa have had free, wireless Read More