County: Utility Bills May Be Delayed


The Customer Care Center (CCC) at the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is putting utility bills on hold temporarily while working on a fix to confusing data mapping of the newly adopted natural gas rate structure.

“We’ve had several customers ask us about their gas charges because the calculations didn’t print correctly on their bills,” Deputy Utility Manager Heather Garcia said. “While the totals are correct, the components of those totals are misprinting.”

Garcia said the bills are on hold while CCC works with its billing system vendor on a layout fix. In the meantime, no one will be charged late fees for these delayed bills. She doesn’t expect the delay in billing to last longer than a week.

For those that have already received utility bills for service after April 7, the following information may help in checking the calculated totals under gas:

  • The gas service charge equals either $10.26 or $30.78, depending on meter size.
  • The gas rate changes on day 8 of each month, so consumption will show up on two different lines—one line shows through April 7 and the other shows from April 8 on.
  • The variable consumption charge through April 7 equals $1.24 per therm for residential and commercial customers. Starting April 8, that charge equals $0.52 per therm.
  • Starting April 8, a recovery fee of $0.44 per therm applies.

For questions about the natural gas billings, please contact CCC at 505.662.8333 or .

The natural gas schedule and calculations are updated monthly on the DPU website at

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