County Updates Public On CIP Timing; Path Forward


The County Council took action March 1 to narrow the list of capital improvement projects (CIP) that will proceed through the initial pre-conceptual design phase (Phase 1).

The County’s Public Works Department will seek one consultant to perform a Phase 1 analysis on the complete list of capital projects. Phase 1 analysis includes potential site selection and its feasibility, cost estimates and basic program schematics for the projects.

Projects that are considering multiple sites will need to have additional public input as a site is narrowed to a single location. Projects that have completed Phase 1 or designs from the prior CIP process will be updated based on current Council direction and the consultant will develop cost estimates with current costs. 

For those projects that are largely street and/or utility improvements, County staff will develop the majority of cost estimates; however, the consultant will be asked to compile this information into a common format for all projects and provide limited visual representations of such projects as appropriate.

After the scope of work and cost for each of the projects are determined, the next step is for the consultant to determine annual operations, maintenance and staffing costs.

After the projects are refined with scope and costs, a polling consultant will be hired to survey the public and gauge their level of support for paying different levels of general obligation bond debt. Based on those results, the polling consultant will make recommendations to the County, which will be part of the Council’s deliberations in December as they work toward developing a ballot question for a May 2017 election. 

The list of 12 projects that will be included in the request for proposals to hire one consultant are:

Economic Development Projects:

  • 20th Street Extension – master plan, street, utilities
  • Parcel A-8 Utility Stub out – street, utilities
  • Deacon Street – master plan
  • DP Road Improvements – street, utilities

Existing Facilities Projects:

  • Golf Course Improvements – irrigation system, tee box, greens/turf
  • Tennis Courts – add four courts at Urban Park or eight courts on North Mesa
  • Ice Rink Improvements – locker rooms, lobby, restrooms, sun shade

New Facilities Projects:

  • Recreation Center – basketball and volleyball courts, indoor soccer, running track, team locker rooms – located either near Aquatic Center or on North Mesa
  • Leisure Pool – co-located with pool at Aquatic Center
  • Splash Pads – splash pad in White Rock and Water Feature in Ashley Pond Park
  • Softball, baseball & soccer fields – varsity fields in White Rock plus multi-use fields on North Mesa (could include school property)
  • Indoor Ice Rink – located either near the Aquatic Center or on North Mesa

The Gantt chart below provides an estimated timeline for the process, however a more refined schedule will be developed once the procurement process is conducted and the consultant is under contract.