County To Begin Annual Weed Spraying Operation


The County of Los Alamos Traffic & Streets Division will begin spraying herbicide for weed control on local streets starting next week.

Certified applicators will be applying the herbicide along the gutter/pavement lines throughout the community, on County streets.

The products, DuPont Hyvar X-L and Monsanto Ranger Pro, will be applied during either early morning or late evenings as weather conditions permit. This work will occur on Tuesdays through Thursdays, and continue as needed into June as some areas may require more than one application.

Crews will be driving a red County vehicle, and the product will be applied using hand-held hoses. Residents will likely notice the slow moving vehicle and the flashing yellow safety lights as the vehicle moves through the neighborhoods.

For additional information, contact the Traffic & Streets Division at 505.662.8113.


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