County Suspends Central Avenue Improvements Project Dec. 5


The Contractor has completed their portion of the work associated with this project with the exception of the installation of amenities such as benches, bike racks, and trash and recycling receptacles.

The County is responsible for the installation of the remaining streetlight poles, pedestrian lights, light fixtures, and pavement markings.

The information below outlines the path forward and responds to questions that have been asked about the project:

Q: Where should the pedestrian entering a crosswalk stand to ensure they are seen by motorists?

A: Maximum pedestrian visibility will occur when the pedestrian is standing on the two-foot wide case iron warning strips (truncated domes) located at the entrance to each crosswalk. This location ensures appropriate sight lines for both the motorist and the pedestrian. Lights located just behind these warning strips will ensure that the pedestrian is visible at night. Pedestrians should also look both ways before attempting to cross to verify that oncoming vehicles will stop.

Q: When will the remaining streetlight poles and light fixtures be installed?

A: The old streetlight poles were sent to be powder coated and are being delivered in bundles. As they arrive, Traffic & Streets crews are installing the poles and fixtures. When the contract is taken off suspension, the contractor will run the drip irrigation through the poles for the flower baskets. All streetlight should be delivered by mid-December with the poles and fixtures installed by the end of December. There is currently one streetlight pole that was installed in the wrong location near the crosswalk by Ashley Pond; it will be moved to the correct location.

Q: Will the seasonal banners be placed on the new streetlights?

A: Yes, the banners will be installed on the streetlights after the poles are installed.

Q: The base of the Perotti’s Clown display was removed. When will it be reinstalled?

A. The base had to be removed to allow placement of a storm drain and will be reinstalled by the County’s Parks Division in early Spring 2015.

Q: When will the amenities mention above be delivered?

A: Delivery of all of the items is expected by the end of 2014. The County will be developing a placement plan for each of the amenities. Once the contract comes off suspension, the Contractor will place the amenities.

Q: There have been comments in social media questioning why there are curbs within the sidewalks and some view these as trip hazards. Why are they there?

A: The raised curbs within the sidewalk are there to assist visually impaired pedestrians locate appropriate crossings when using a cane to swipe for obstacles. The County is considering options that will include the required tactile reference for the visually impaired AND minimize trip hazards. One solution is to place amenities in such a fashion as to block the trip hazards, another option under consideration is to shave down the raised curbs and mark them as trip hazards.

Q: Why is Oppenheimer now a curved street?

A: The curve was added to allow for the proper alignment of Oppenheimer with the library driveway. In addition, on-street parking was added to Oppenheimer. Yellow reflector posts have been installed to bring motorist’s attention to the change in alignment.

Q: When will the contract come off suspension?

A: The contract will come off suspension when the streetlights/fixtures have been received, all the amenities have been received and the amenity placement plan is complete. The County will then notify the contractor. The contractor will propose a date for the suspension to be lifted based on the temperature and weather forecast. The contractor will provide at least a two week notice of when they would like to restart work and the County will share this information with the public and area businesses.

Q: Will there be more traffic control?

A: There will likely be limited traffic control to allow for bucket truck operations and material delivery as the poles and amenities are delivered to the work site and placed.

The County thanks the community for their patience and cooperation throughout this project. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150.