County Summer Concert Cannot Be Stopped

Despite Friday’s sudden downpour, Whitewater Ramble performs at the weekly Los Alamos County Summer Concert at Ashley Pond. Photo by Rowan T. Lumb/
As sponsor of Friday night’s Summer Concert, Kathleen Ramsey of the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation speaks to concert goers about her organization. Concert promoter Russ Gordon, center, checks out an owl. Photo by Rowan T. Lumb/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Rain, Storm, Tsunami, Hellfire, Gordon’s Summer Concert cannot be stopped. After an ominous hour or so of rain this Friday, the show finally started and the brave scattering of concert goers were rewarded for their wait.

The night was warm and humid, the people were “dryish” and happy, and there was free music. What more could you want?

Ashley Pond was the venue to Whitewater Ramble’s high energy and coaxingly danceable show that had people moving throughout their set. The fast paced folksy “dance grass” was exactly as one might expect, and had one woman and her family doing handstands in the grass, another moving her hips with admirable abandon, and countless others just making the most out of the concert.

If you looked closely, you would see Russ Gordon smoking a cigar, and dancing along with the crowd, always laughing with whoever was close. Even the musicians were personable, and stayed after to chat with the crowd as well as deliver with the onstage promise of a hug to whoever pleased.  

This was also a sponsored wildlife event, with a stand and showing by the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation. Their showing included a rescued barn owl, raptor hawks, wildlife paintings, and a host of the friendly and humble founding members of the organization. These men and women have worked hard to aid rescue facilities such as Santa Fe Raptor as well as other wildlife centers. Their foundation is due to celebrate its three year anniversary July 15. 

From left, Daniel Archuleta, James Robinson and Peter Horak. Photo by Rowan T. Lumb/

The Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation sponsored Friday’s Summer Concert and brought along this rescued barn owl, raptor hawks and wildlife paintings. Photo by Rowan T. Lumb/

Stylin at Friday’s Summer Concert. Photo by Rowan T. Lumb/