County: Snow And Ice Removal Update

Large piles of snow fill corners of parking lots around town including this small mountain in the lot at 20th Street and Trinity Drive. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos County is continuing its snow and ice control efforts from recent storms.

As a recap, when a snowstorm is greater than 6”, the top priority is to keep major arterials and collector streets plowed before moving on to residential streets as outlined in the Los Alamos County Snow & Ice Control Plan.

The County has many narrow residential streets, which makes plowing efforts difficult since there is physically no space to put the snow. This issue is exacerbated by the parking of vehicles on one or both sides of the street.

Crews have made at least one pass on all residential streets; however, many requests have been received for additional plowing. Crews will widen streets as resources allow, but this effort will likely cause more windrows next to parked vehicles, driveways and parking spaces.

With the previous in mind, County and contract crews are now focusing on removal operations on the narrower residential streets throughout the County using motor graders, loaders, snow blowers and dump trucks. 

It is anticipated that this effort will continue around the clock until snow has been removed or warmer temperatures allow for ample snow storage in place.

At this time the County asks residents for their help by moving vehicles parked on the street when the snow removal operation commences in their neighborhood. It also is requested that residents exercise caution and patience around snow removal operations. This will help speed up the removal efforts and allow crews to service more streets.

Direct questions or comments to the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150 or send an email to