County Shelves Fuller Lodge External Elevator Idea

This external elevator concept was not well received by the public so County staff has asked the architect to shelve it for the time being and focus on two possible interior options. Courtesy/LAC


At the June 10 Fuller Lodge/Historic Districts Advisory Board meeting, County staff and Mullen-Heller, provided a design update on the Fuller Lodge Phase 2 as well as the Historic Museum Projects.

The architect presented an overview of the design progress that included an exterior elevator proposed to be attached to the north side of the West Wing of Fuller Lodge. The external elevator concept as presented was not well received as evidenced by public comment. Staff has asked the architect to shelve the exterior elevator for the time being, and focus on two possible interior locations:

  • The first concept, which was mentioned at the June 10 meeting, is to replace the existing elevator in its current location. This option will impact the Green Room and Room 233.
  • The second concept is to move the elevator south of the existing elevator and the Green Room, utilizing space in the old kiln room currently used for storage and the second floor vacant room previously occupied by the Historical Society. The concept of taking the current elevator out of service is still under consideration and would result in limited access to the second floor.

Staff will provide an update reflecting the above information as well as the public information posted on Open Forum through 4 p.m., July 1 at at the July 1 Fuller Lodge/Historic District Advisory Board public meeting. Note that no Board recommendation on this topic is being requested at the July 1 meeting. Once the architect has further investigated both of these interior options, another public meeting will be scheduled to present the concepts to the public and seek additional feedback.

The County will advertise this public meeting through local media, the County’s project website, and the County’s Facebook pages.

After the July 1 Board meeting, the current Open Forum page will be closed. A new Open Forum topic will be opened once the architect has presented their findings to the public. This Open Forum topic will remain open until such time as the Board is asked to make a recommendation to Council.

For additional information, contact the Community & Economic Development Department at 505.662.8120.

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