County Reminds Residents To Support Property Clean Up To Combat Excessive Weed Growth And Problematic Rubbish Accumulations On Private Property

Weeds, tires and other debris should be cleared from private properties. Courtesy image


  • County will now be educating and enforcing new provisions to the County Code adopted by County Council last Fall

It’s that time of year again and staff in Los Alamos County’s Building Safety Division and the Los Alamos Fire Department are reminding citizens to help address property-related issues such as weed overgrowth, excessive rubbish, and rodent issues being found on private properties around the County.

Property owners can help the County ensure a safe, continuous sidewalk path for pedestrians by trimming back their own vegetation growing onto or overhanging the sidewalks adjacent to their private property. Code Enforcement personnel also would like to remind residents that they will be educating residents about and enforcing Code changes recently adopted by County Council, specifically in Sec. 18-33 that stipulates it is the responsibility of the owner, agent, tenant, occupant, or person in charge of any property or premises to keep the public way or right-of-way, setbacks or sidewalks abutting or adjoining their property or premises clear and free of any public nuisance including weeds, as defined in Section 18-42.

Questions about these new provisions or other property maintenance issues should be directed to Code Enforcement at 505.662.8120 or

Unmaintained vegetation growth on or adjacent to private property can present a fire hazard or foster an environment for rodents. In addition, excessive dry vegetation such as tall grasses can cause a wildfire to quickly ignite and spread throughout a community. Similarly, storing excessive amounts of rubbish or brush on private property can present both a potential fire hazard to surrounding property andan unsanitary environment because it can lead to rodent issues that can quickly spread to neighboring properties.

Code Enforcement staff is actively issuing weed violation notices throughout Los Alamos and White Rockwhere Code violations are found to exist. Upon receipt of a Courtesy Notice, most property owners voluntarily come into compliance; however, further action can be taken to compel the owner to comply, such as a citation and possible court appearance. Elderly, frail or disabled residents who need assistance in addressing code violations on their property can call Los Alamos Retired & Senior Organization at 505.662.8920 or they can work with Code Enforcement staff to find help in cleaning up their property.