County Releases RFPs For Two Recreation Projects

Public Works Director Philo Shelton



Los Alamos Daily Post


Four Los Alamos County recreation Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are moving forward.


The County release Request For Proposals (RFP) for the design of the splash pad at Pinon Park and the kiddie pool at the Larry R. Walkup Aquatic Center. The RFP for the improvements at the Los Alamos County Golf Course also is expected to be issued next week.


A study continues on the shade structure at the ice rink. The structure’s purpose is to help protect the quality of the outdoor rink’s ice to prolong the skating season. Public Works Director Philo Shelton said the study does not impact the scope of the project at the rink.


“It’s just a piece of information,” he said.


Shelton said County staff is pleased to have reached this point with the four CIP projects.


“We’re excited to get this started, “ he said.


Shelton said the RFP for the splash pad is seeking an architect or landscape architect and the RFP for the kiddie pool is seeking an architect.


The hope is to get responses back on the RFPs for the splash pad and kiddie pool by the third week of March and to get responses for the golf course RFP by the end of March, Shelton said.


A group comprised of County staff and project managers will review at the RFPs, he said.


“We have evaluation criteria listed in the proposals,” Shelton said.


The criteria includes how well written the proposal is, the contractor’s capabilities and expertise and the project schedule and costs. All the RFPs are equal opportunity and will be submitted to various newspapers. Shelton added that a list of contractors who have expressed an interest in the projects also will be notified.


The start of construction for the projects varies. Shelton said the hope is to start constructing the splash pad this summer and begin the kiddie pool next year. He added the golf course project is expected to kick off at the end of the current season and the ice rink improvements are slated for April 2019.


As the projects continue to progress, Shelton said public meetings will be scheduled and advertised so the community can weigh in on the design concepts.


According to the RFP for the splash pad, its projects goals are to: “Design and support the construction of a splash pad with accompanying features and additions to Pinon Park. Features shall include a zero-depth splash surface, equipment to provide low flow jets and play features, shade structures and changing structures, public seating and picnic tables, landscaping and drainage, which shall include reseeding of areas to compliment the park atmosphere and adjacent natural drainage features.” Total budget for the splash pad project is up to $720,000.


Additionally, the RFP for the kiddie pool states that its project goals are to offer “a zero-entry pool with water spray features and mini slide for toddlers, a shallow pool for swim lessons and programming, a lazy river, and a water slide with a total of 2,000 square feet of pool area … the conceptual design also has three family locker rooms, pool deck, chemical storage, and mechanical rooms to support the Kiddie Pool addition.”  The total budget for the kiddie pool project is up to $6.5 million.


Shelton explained the improvements for the golf course involve its irrigation system. The RFP will include a map so the irrigation designer can compliment the improvements already done to the course’s irrigation. These improvements include a gravity fed reclaim water line, which provides water treated at the wastewater treatment plant to irrigate the golf course, he said. Besides the irrigation, the project includes aerating tees and fairways, overseeding fairways and tees as well as the greens and renovating the bunker. The total cost for the project is $4.5 million.

The ice rink project will include renovating the restrooms and locker rooms. The restrooms will be brought up to code and six locker rooms for men and women will be added. The rubber flooring will be replaced, too. The budget for the project is $1.2 million.