County: New Dog Training & Voice Control Area

County crews install Voice & Sight Control signs today in the grassy area behind Central Park Square businesses. Courtesy/LAC



Los Alamos County Parks crews installed Voice & Sight Control signs today reminding residents that dogs meeting the definition of being within voice and sight control are allowed off leash in the long, grassy area behind Bathtub Row Brewing, El Rigoberto’s Taco Shop, Quizno’s and other Central Park Square businesses.

Today’s sign placement was a follow up activity after meetings were held with the public last summer about what is allowed under current ordinance and maps that were developed several years ago allowing Voice/Sight Control for dogs to be off leash in parks.

In this particular area, signage was needed to educate and redirect residents to the correct Voice/Sight Control Area; Community Center Lot (located just to the northeast) is not a designated Voice/Sight Control area under County ordinance, although it has been used this way in the past. Dogs at Community Center Park need to be on a leash.

For more information, or to view the Voice/Sight Control maps outlined within certain park areas county-wise, visit the County’s Animal Control webpage and download the Animal Control Ordinance: