County Moves to Self Insured Medical Plan

Councilor Rick Reiss. Courtesy Photo from Pac8 streaming video

With a vote of 5 to 1, the Los Alamos County Council approved a recommended contract amendment with Blue Cross/Blue Shield that results in the County being self-insured for medical benefits. Council Chair Sharon Stover and Councilor Rick Reiss commended County Administrator Harry Burgess for his creativity in recommending the switch to self insurance.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield was initially proposing a 16.4 percent rate increase. By moving to the self-funded arrangement, the rates will increase only 3.5 percent. The County would also purchase a stop-gap insurance policy for any catastrophic claims.

County Administrator Harry Burgess addresses Council. Courtesy Photo from Pac8 streaming video

By moving to a self-insured arrangement, the County will continue providing the same plan coverage to County employees while experiencing a rate increase that is lower than national trend.




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