County Leaders Share New Year’s Wishes

New Year’s Wishes:

County officials expressed their good wishes to the residents of Los Alamos for 2013 during recent interviews with the Los Alamos Daily Post.


Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard: “I wish everyone a safe and happy new year filled with health, happiness and blessings. I look forward to serving the residents of HD-43 and am excited for what is to come in 2013.”





Council Vice Chair Geoff Rodgers: “My New Year’s wish for the community is that everyone encounter some joy in 2013 and have an opportunity to re-connect with someone important in their life with whom they’ve lost touch.”







Councilor David Izraelevitz: “I wish for everyone to enjoy their family in this wonderful community that has done so much for each other.”







Councilor Fran Berting:  “I wish that the decrease in Gross Receipts Tax revenue will not be as drastic as currently estimated and that, in prioritizing our planned Capital Improvement Projects to fit within what we can afford, we can choose the top affordable (near-term) projects to serve the maximum number of citizens.”  







Councilor Rick Reiss: “My New Year’s wish for Los Alamos is threefold. I wish the community a renewed positive attitude about our propsperous and naturally beautiful County. I wish for each of us to embrace the diversity of our region. And,  finally, I wish for continued ‘discoveries to be made’ as we address the scientific and philosophical challenges of our nation.”






Councilor Steve Girrens: “I would like to see the deal finalized with Kroger on Trinity, measurable progress on the White Rock Masterplan including A-19, and passage of the Los Alamos Public Schools bond.”






Councilor Kristin Henderson: “I wish for health and happiness for Los Alamos citizens and a well-rounded community for all of us.”







Councilor Pete Sheehey: “My wish for 2013 is that we stay the friendly and unique community that we are, as we work through some challenging times. Happy New Year to all!”






DPU Manager John Arrowsmith: “I’m looking forward to the Lab and County Smart Grid partnership in 2013 and I’m hoping that it brings some exciting new projects to the community.”






County Administrator Harry Burgess: “I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday season and I look forward to another great year. I also hope that we see more snow – and soon – so that the local ski areas can prosper in the New Year!”





Police Chief Wayne Torpy: “My wish for our community is that everyone enjoys a safe, happy and healthy new year.”






Fire Chief Troy Hughes: “I wish for a safe and prosperous 2013 to all Los Alamos County. I hope for snow and rain to bring a green Spring to Northern New Mexico.”









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