County Honors Russ Gordon With Plaque At Pond Pavilion

Russ Gordon unveils the plaque honoring his service to Los Alamos as the founder and longtime organizer and promoter of the Gordons Summer Concert Series. The Series was the first summer concert series in New Mexico and provided nearly 30 years of music and fun to the Los Alamos community. From left, Los Alamos County Councilor Denise Derkacs, Council Chair Randall Ryti,  former Councilor Antonio Maggiore, Russ Gordon, his wife Deborah Gordon and children Annie Rose and Abe Gordon. Photo by John McHale/

Russ Gordon told those gathered, ‘I love you all. I didn’t even know about this. My daughter came home (from Seattle), but she never tells me anything.’ former Councilor Antonio Maggiore, left, and Council Chair Randall Ryti look on. Photo by John McHale/

Russ Gordon reads the plaque placed in his honor at the Ashley Pond Pavilion, site of some of the many concerts he brought to Los Alamos. Photo by John McHale/

Council Chair Randall Ryti thanks Russ Gordon for the many great concerts on the pavilion stage. ‘The music never fades when it’s shared with others,’ he said. From left, Deborah Gordon, Russ Gordon and Annie Rose Gordon watch the proceedings. Photo by John McHale/

Former County Councilor Antonio Maggiore was instrumental in getting the plaque placed at the pavilion. ‘I’d like to thank the people at the County who helped and to thank the community for all the badgering and nudging!’ he said. ‘Russ made it tolerable here for so many youth in our community.’  Photo by John McHale/

The Gordon family, from left Abe, Annie Rose, Russ and Deborah. Photo by John McHale/

‘This concert series was a labor of love for this man,’ Deborah Gordon said. ‘I’m so proud to be married to a man for whom family, love and joy are the top priorities. Material things mean nothing to him.’ Photo by John McHale/

Abe Gordon said he asked his dad for years why he put his heart into doing the concerts. ‘Then one night there was a whole line of people waiting to hug him and say thank you. I never asked him again.’ Photo by John McHale/

The Gordon family listens to Annie Rose. ‘Growing up with my dad showed me the importance of commitment and fun and music,’ she said. ‘It’s made me who I am today.’ Photo by John McHale/

DK Warner belts out the South Austin Jug Band tune ‘The Ballad Of Eddie Mullet’ after the ceremonial unveiling this afternoon of a plaque honoring Russ Gordon at Ashley Pond Pavilion. From left, Warner, Dave Fellenz and Rob Heineman. SAJB is one of the many bands Russ Gordon brought to Los Alamos. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/