County Council Tentatively Approves CDD Budget

CDD Director Paul Andrus presents his department budget as County Deputy Manager Steve Lynne and Budget and Performance Manager Karen Kendall listen Tuesday evening during the annual budget hearings. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Staff Report

Los Alamos County Council unanimously voted to tentatively approve the Community Development Department’s (CDD) approximately $1.9 million budget during Tuesday night’s budget hearing.

All the suggested budget add-on options also were tentatively approved save for $10,000 for the clean and lien program. Additionally, council agreed to make $250,000 for the housing rehabilitation program and $150,000 for the home buyers loans reoccurring. Similarly, the council voted to make the $500,000 add-on item for land purchase in the County Manager’s budget reoccurring.

The budget add-on items for CDD are:

  • $7,300 for training
  • $6,160 for supplies
  • $250,000 for rehab loans
  • $150,000 for home buyer loans
  • $6,000 for certifications
  • $6,000 EnerGov Training
  • $18,000 Overtime Pay
  • $10,000 for advertising
  • $450,000 for expanding the clean and lien program

CDD Director Paul Andrus presented some highlights in his department’s budget. These highlights were:

  • Planning to expand services to include electrical and/or mechanical and plumbing inspections (cross certifications). CDD anticipates more than 400 new housing permits coming on-line over next 18 months
  • Comprehensive housing market study –draft RFP completed
  • Long range planning work in support of Comp Plan and County Council’s goals for housing and economic development such as downtown density and height standards and parking in downtown/mixed use zones
  • Master planning oversight for workforce housing project(s)
  • Support to boards and commissions, Planning and Zoning, Historic Preservation and Community Development Advisory Board  
  • Focus on commercial code compliance efforts
  • Necessary changes/edits to Chapters 10, 16 and 18 of county code: the sign code update restarted
  • Continued improvements to planning and building permitting process development liaison/assistance emphasis including development handbook and website improvements
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