County Council Honors Youth Activity Center

Councilor Chris Chandler, center, presents a proclamation to Youth Activity Center Director Jordan Redmond during Tuesday’s Council meeting in Council Chambers. Redmond was joined by representatives from the YAC including Executive Director Joy Beery, third from right. The proclamation recognized November as the 35th anniversary of the Youth Activity Center. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/


The Los Alamos County Council presented a proclamation to recongnize November as the 35th anniversary of the Youth Activity Center during its regular meeting Tuesday night in Council Chambers. Councilor Chris Chandler read the proclamation, which stated: 

WHEREAS: The Los Alamos Youth Activity Center is celebrating 35 years of service in Los Alamos County this month; and


WHEREAS: We wish to thank the Los Alamos Family Council for their partnership and skills in child development; both activity centers in Los Alamos and White Rock are staffed by helpful, energetic and compassionate staff who truly want to make a difference in the daily lives of the children who visit our facilities; and


WHEREAS: These free, supervised activities after school and throughout the summer offer a safe, drug-free and loving atmosphere for children from third grade through eighth grade; and


WHEREAS: Staff at the activity centers offer fun and creative ways for youth to develop character and self-discipline, while building up risk resiliency through a variety of programming options and events;


NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the Council of the Incorporated County of Los Alamos, I do recognize the month of November 2017 as the




in Los Alamos County, and applaud the efforts of the staff and Los Alamos Family Council for assisting the County in providing these services to one of the youngest segments of our population. Through their hard work and dedication, we will continue making progress on our goals to help our youth thrive, as they become a part of the bright future that we envision for our community. 

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