County Council Hears DWI Strategic Plan

DWI Planning Council Coordinator Kirsten Bell briefs County Council on DWI Strategic Plan during Tuesday’s meeting. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Staff Report

DWI Planning Council Coordinator Kirsten Bell gave a presentation Tuesday evening to the Los Alamos County Council on the Los Alamos County DWI Strategic Plan. The Council approved the motion to participate in the local DWI Grant and Distribution Program 7-0.

The plan was developed by the Los Alamos County DWI Planning Council. The strategic planning process was facilitated more than three separate sessions by Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan, now retired Los Alamos County Community Services director, in October, November and December, 2016.

Each member participated in the process by providing their unique and diverse knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences. The Strategic Plan covers a 3-year span from July 2017 – June 2020. The group completed and approved the Strategic Plan in February, 2017. CURRENT STATEWIDE DWI GOALS As part of the annual grant application process, the State develops goals related to DWI that each county takes into account when developing their strategic plan and grant budget request.

The current long-term statewide goals are:

  • Goal 1: Reduce binge drinking and underage drinking in New Mexico
  • Goal 2: Reduce alcohol-related injury and death
  • Goal 3: Reduce alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes and deaths

The mission of the Los Alamos County DWI Planning Council is to prevent and reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, alcohol abuse, alcohol-related domestic violence and underage drinking in Los Alamos County. The objectives of the Planning Council are as follows:

  • To reduce the number of persons driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the County and the State of New Mexico;
  • To increase personal and community safety and awareness in matters related to DWI, alcohol dependency, and alcohol and substance abuse;
  • To coordinate related efforts with those of other organizations and agencies;
  • To support those charged with enforcing our laws and keeping the County safe; and
  • To promote education regarding DWI and underage drinking.

The DWI Grant Program Act and financial subsidy was passed in 1993. The 41st Legislature established the Local DWI program to fund new, innovative or model programs, services or activities designed to prevent or reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism or alcohol abuse; provide community-based programs, services or facilities for prevention; screening and treatment of alcoholism; and a broad range of approaches to prevention, education, screening, treatment or alternative sentencing, including programs that combine incarceration, treatment and aftercare.

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