County Anticipates Re-Opening Aquatic Center By Dec. 12


As previously announced, the project at the Walkup Aquatics Center to replace the heating and cooling systems and boilers is behind schedule.

It is anticipated that the pool will re-open to the public at some point prior to Dec. 31, and based on the contractor’s current schedule, this re-opening date should be on or before Dec. 12, barring any further unforeseen project complications.

Although significant progress has been made in the last week, a November reopening of the facility to the public previously targeted was not met. 

“The project scope has not changed nor has there been any significant design or cost issues,” Project Manager Steven Huebner said. “The project is a complex system renovation that is taking longer to complete than expected.”

Huebner said the County will not bear any additional costs for this delay – the County will not pay additional charges to the contractor for work currently being performed that is within the scope of work.

Late Monday, Dec. 1, the contractor submitted an updated work plan to the County outlining all remaining and incomplete project work based on a thorough walk-through Nov. 26 by the contractor and County staff.

Contractor updated work plan includes the following main issues:

  • Install and test replacement boiler circulation pumps that were initially received on-site with factory defects;
  • Complete programming of system controls;
  • Install and test a larger gas meter;
  • Adjust air and water flows and settings to regulate and maintain required temperatures; and
  • Additional fine tuning of the control settings to account for the specific dynamics between the various building system functions and interactions;

The remaining equipment installation is scheduled by the contractor to be completed by Friday, Dec. 6. The required state health department inspection also is scheduled to be completed this week.

County staff has moved in the pool equipment and a majority of the office contents and is ready to open the facility when the system is satisfactorily operational and consistently maintaining required temperatures. The Los Alamos High School swim meet that had been scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 6 was relocated last week to the Genoveva Chavez Community Center in Santa Fe after discussing with the swim team coaches that having the meet at the Aquatic Center Saturday was unlikely.

The contractor’s work plan shows final testing and balancing and system control final completion as an on-going activity through Dec. 31, with final functional testing reports submitted to County by Jan. 5, 2015, which would trigger the project closeout process. 

The contractor and County staff are working diligently to identify and confirm the work is meeting all required health and safety standards required for public use.

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