County Announces Peoples Ecochallenge 2019 Winners

To promote recycling and sustainability in the community as well as to encourage people to take small steps to a more sustainable life, the Los Alamos County Environmental Services Division, the Environmental Sustainability Board and the Zero Waste Team sponsored the Peoples Eco Challenge.
Environmental Services would like to congratulate Chamisa Elementary Green Team, the team winner, with 7,271 points and our individual winners, 1st place Heather Ward with 1,141 points, 2nd place Sara Thurgood-Martinez with 970 points, and 3rd place Gavin Bent with 964 points.
The Peoples Ecochallenge is a 21-day environmental and social engagement program. Oct. 2-23, participants selected or created actions that align with their individual values and made a 21 day commitment to complete those actions all while practicing and reinforcing good habits.
For every completed action the participant earned points and created an impact. Participants could take the challenge individually or as part of a team.
This year Los Alamos had five teams with a total of 75 individual participants:
  • Chamisa Elementary Green Team;
  • Los Alamos Environmental Sustainability Board;
  • Zero Waste Los Alamos;
  • Aspen Green Leaves; and
  • Los Alamos County Employees.
Combined, the teams avoided 17 pounds of food waste, had 316 plastic water bottles diverted from the landfill, saved 2,543 gallons of water, planted 30 trees, volunteered for 29 hours and so much more.
Thank you to all who participated in The Peoples Ecochallenge for 2019. Your small actions do add up to make a big impact.