County Administrator Works to Fill Acting Positions

County Administrator Harry Burgess stands in his downtown office near photographs taken by his grandfather. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

By Carol A. Clark

The process to fill acting positions at the director level throughout the County is well underway.

County Administrator Harry Burgess described the hring process during an interview at his office Thursday.

“I decided to advertise these positions and that did not reflect on the individuals currently holding the positions. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to apply … there may be hidden talent,” Burgess said. “It’s a mixed bag, in some cases the individuals in the acting roles applied and in other cases they did not – preferring instead to return to their regular jobs once the acting position is filled.”

Burgess hopes to hire from within unless it’s a position in which employees did not apply.

“We are doing this hiring process in a sensible progression because someone may apply who will leave a void in their current job so we have to prepare for that as well,” he said.

He has interviews scheduled through April 13, Burgess said, adding that as director-level positions, each of these hires must be approved by the County Council.

The Council appointed Burgess in October 2011 to replace former County Attorney Randy Autio who served as acting county administrator before accepting the chief attorney position in Bernalillo County.

Burgess previously worked in the governmental sector in New Mexico for more than 17 years. He served as city administrator in Carlsbad, county manager for Grant County and administrative services director in Eddy County.

Burgess holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations (personnel/organizational management), a master’s degree in Fire and Emergency Management Administration, a master’s in business administration and a doctoral degree in economic development.

Director-level positions to be filled:

  • Assistant County Administrator (2)
  • Community Development Director
  • Community Services Director
  • Public Works Director
  • Administrative Services Director
  • Human Resources Director
  • County Attorney
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