County Administrator Releases Information on Capital Projects


Los Alamos County Administrator Harry Burgess released information today about the upcoming Council discussion regarding capital projects.

The discussion will take place at the Council meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19 in Council Chambers at 20th Street and Central Avenue.

As previously announced, the Council’s adopted budget guidance is to defer some projects up to four years and up to $12.5 million in order to assist with projected revenue shortfalls.

The only projects that will be considered for deferral are the eight projects approved in May 2012. They are:

  • Ashley Pond Park Improvements;
  • Teen Center;
  • Nature Center;
  • Eastern Area Sound Wall;
  • Golf Course Improvements;
  • White Rock Civic Center (as modified);
  • Canyon Rim Trail; and
  • Ice Rink Improvements.

The purpose of the discussion is budgetary – projects will not be revisited during this meeting for a reduction/change in scope of work.

A message was sent to all eight project teams asking that they submit written comments to the Council in advance of the Feb. 19 meeting, stating the reason(s) they believe their project should proceed this year.

Burgess said that County staff will prepare information for Council regarding a variety of decision criteria, including: project cost, impacts of deferral (i.e. increased construction costs, programmatic needs), project schedule, compliance with strategic goals, and projected operational expenses (utilities, maintenance, lease costs, contractual support, or other associated costs.)

The format for the Feb. 19 meeting will be:

  • Staff presentations;
  • Followed by Councilor clarifying questions; and  
  • Public comment will then be requested.

Following this, the Council will consider public comments and staff presentations, and a vote to adopt the revised list of projects is expected by the close of the meeting.

In order to keep the meeting moving toward final decisions, each individual will have up to three minutes to address the Council during the public comment period.

The list of capital projects approved on Feb. 19 will be used to complete the FY 14 budget preparation process and to allow for budgetary planning into future years.

As Burgess noted in his e-mail to the project teams, “It must be acknowledged that current revenue projections could change in response to the implementation of ‘sequestration’ at the federal level, in which case all County budget decisions could be subject to re-evaluation.”

Public comments about the eight projects can be e-mailed to


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