Council to Revisit Strategic Plan

In a Work Session Tuesday night, the Los Alamos County Council decided to revisit the Los Alamos County Strategic Plan. Adopted in July 2011, the Plan contains 10 focus areas and 16 goals. Councilors elected to office after the adoption of the plan said they would like to have more input into the stated goals. Several Councilors said that it would be useful to put the progress toward the goals into a more measurable format. Councilor Rick Reiss said not enough emphasis was placed on housing, while Councilor Kristin Henderson wanted to place more emphasis on culture, recreation and education, as well as cleaning up blighted areas downtown. Councilor Pete Sheehey said he thought the major emphasis should be placed on economic development. Council Chair Geoff Rodgers pointed out that things have changed during the two years since the Plan’s adoption and it may need modifications. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
County Administrator Harry Burgess presented an overview of the Strategic Plan, as well as the County Comprehensive Plan and current Management Action Plans. He explained background of the plans and how the County uses them to guide its efforts to fulfill the Council’s stated policy goals. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
Councilor Steven Girrens set forward a scheme adopted by the Council to look at the Strategic Plan and suggest changes by having Councilors meet in groups of two over a three week period to examine the focus areas and goals as well as suggest new ones. The Councilors will then gather for a retreat session to discuss their findings in mid-October. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/
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