Council Tables Immigration/Refugee Resolution

The proposed resolution on the treatment of immigrants and refugees in the U.S. unleashed a firestorm of comments and emotions during the regular County Council meeting Tuesday night in Council Chambers. The resolution stated, ‘It is our moral obligation to treat all refugees and immigrants as we would be treated, with justice and compassion.’ Its stance on immigration and refugees spurred shouts of anger and tears of gratitude from citizens throughout the discussion on the resolution. Support and opposition for the resolution seemed evenly split during the public comment period. Ultimately the Council unanimously voted to table the resolution and create a committee, appointed by Council Chair David Izraelevitz, to further discuss and revise the resolution. The committee is comprised of Councilor Pete Sheehey, who drafted and introduced the resolution, Councilor Antonio Maggiore and Councilor James Chrobocinski. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/